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Honeywell® Air Filtration, Water Filtration, & Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Customized Environmental Systems, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a distributor of Honeywell® air filtration, water filtration, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies for business owners and homeowners. Breath more efficiently with our Honeywell® air filtration products. Drink clean healthy water, utilizing our water purification systems. Know that your keeping your family and environment safe with our eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

    • We have a growing line of products that offer superior design, optimal performance and simple 
      installation and maintenance.
    • We continually enhance existing products.
    • With the advent of smoking legislation, we have increased our efforts to accommodate both
      smokers and non-smokers alike.
    • Our continuing success has been displayed in non-smoking markets, such as print shops,
      day care centers and schools.
    • We have demonstrated success in smoking markets such as small bars, VFW's,
      American Legions, Elks, etc.

A Name You Can Trust
Customized Environmental Systems has been providing high-quality products and equipment for 16 years.

All of our items are backed by our more than 50 years of combined experience and commitment to exceeding the expectations of our commercial and residential customers.  Our products are manufactured by Honeywell®.

Air Filtration Systems Pittsburgh, PA

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